When you come to Burlington PT, Katie will get you checked in shortly thereafter Pat, Stacy or Paul will bring you back to the treatment area. Don’t know who they are? Click here to read a paragraph or two. We have 65 years of combined experience. Why would you go to a place with only a few therapists when other clinics have 8 or 10? If you asked that question you probably already know the answer but here’s the short version. You will know everyone you interact with. You don’t have to play catch up and repeat your story with each and every PT, PTA, PT tech, aide, or receptionist you see. You can’t say personal attention if your therapist constantly changes. If you want the specifics of what we do, read on. But if this paragraph tells you what you need to know to chose a practice, what follows are just words.

At Burlington Physical Therapy, we provide a comprehensive range of services to treat musculoskeletal and neuromuscular dysfunctions. We seek to restore strength, mobility, endurance, balance and function after injury, illness, or surgery.  All of our treatment programs focus on alleviating pain and dysfunction while quickly returning the patient to the highest possible level possible. We make  it a priority to work with and educate patients about their injury and recovery process, diminishing the likelihood of future issues, with the ultimate goal of having met client-centric goals.  Some of the therapeutic services and specialty programs include:

Orthopedic/Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Whether you are suffering from a sprain, strain or other injury,  our therapists will discuss with you the nature of the problem,  examine symptomatic tissues, search for faulty biomechanics, pinpoint strength deficits, assess neuromuscular control, and identify movements or postures that increase or decrease the pain. This evaluation helps to determine the source of the pain and guides the course of treatment. Your treatment program will initially consist of hands on techniques, stretches, joint mobilization, myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, kinesio- or athletic taping. We will get you started on a home exercise program as soon as possible so that we can help you help yourself. We may employ modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat or ice, and/or short wave diathermy to assist in initial pain control. After that point we will usually add some active exercises to increase your circulation, boost endorphin production (your body’s natural pain relief), and initiate strengthening of weakened tissues.

Spinal Stabilization Training

The mechanics of the spine and the potential causes of back pain are often misunderstood. We take the time to explain your condition and educate you about how your back works. You will also learn to incorporate proper body mechanics and postural awareness during your work/home activities. Once back pain sets in, the muscles used to stabilize the segments of the spine become inhibited or hyperactive. By following a specific stabilization program, you can learn how to effectively activate these muscles and strengthen/balance the muscles stabilizing the segments of your spine. This will assist greatly in eliminating back pain.

Industrial Rehabilitation and Work Conditioning

The treatment of injured workers often involves education on proper body mechanics and postural awareness during specific work tasks, and physical conditioning. We review the job analysis of the injured worker and then structure a progressive exercise regimen to condition the involved structures to the level of physical ability needed for a safe return to work.  We make every effort to keep employees on the job by offering early morning and evening clinic appointments. Our positive approach allows us to aggressively manage industrial injuries through proven techniques and motivate workers to take an active role in their recovery.

Surgical and Fracture Rehabilitation

Surgical intervention may be required for complex injuries. To ensure a successful outcome, progressive rehabilitation is often necessary to promote tissue healing and achieve functional goals. I have observed numerous operative procedures and consult regularly with local surgeons on emerging techniques. We structure your treatment plan based on stages of tissue healing, using modalities and/or bracing/taping as needed to decrease pain and edema while prescribing specific exercises to restore range of motion and strengthen weak muscles.

Sport Specific Exercise Prescription

Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, injury prevention is paramount. I share your passion for sports and recreational activities. With an extensive knowledge of biomechanics, functional anatomy and exercise physiology, we are an excellent resource for designing a strength and conditioning program tailored to meet the demands of your sport. These specific programs include practical tips for warm-up/cool-down, stretching, exercise progression and peak performance enhancement.

Custom Cycle Fitting

I am an experienced on and off road cyclist who combines my interest in cycling with my physical therapy practice.  I have an extensive knowledge of bike fitting, and am able to modify your existing bicycle and customize it to your individual quirks and asymmetries.  A correctly fitted bike will reduce overuse injuries such as quadriceps tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain, numbness and other issues common in cycling. I underwent training as a Bike Fit Technician by Serotta, and can use my Serotta size cycle to take measurements in order to have a custom bike built to your specifications.  I then send these measurements to the custom builder of your choice and they create your personal masterpiece. We have worked with Serotta (RIP), Donkalope (Local – steel is real!), Renovo (cool wood framed bikes from Portland), and Curtlo Cycles (custom aluminum bikes made in Winthrop).