Our Team

Voree Smith, MPT

I hail from Burlington and have spent my entire professional career in Skagit and Island County. In 2005, my associate and I started Burlington Physical Therapy, LLC. I decided to go solo in 2008 and have been at the same Burlington Blvd. location ever since. My family and the outdoors are my primary motivators. I love helping people help themselves return to what they love to do. Whether that is quilting or ultra-running the Big Foot 200. I want my clients return to their pre-injury level and to build upon that level if they are motivated to do so. My goal is to help you NOT need to come back to PT because you are so knowledgeable of your body you will have learned to control dysfunction and pain on your own.

When not working, I like to spend time with my family in the great outdoors, cycling (preferably offroad), racing mtbs both XC and enduro, hiking, trail running, camping and enjoying the best that mother nature offers here in Washington state.