Mission Statement:
To give you the knowledge and skills to allow you to be an active participant in your injury recovery.

Mission for the future:
Burlington Physical Therapy pledges to remain the leader in modern manual techniques in a spirited, fun recovery atmosphere. The future is ever changing in physical therapy and the therapists at Burlington Physical Therapy are committed to furthering their skills with emphasis on hands on and exercise based education. We are dedicated to utilizing proven and emerging techniques based on sound, scientific principles and evidence-based research.

Make it so you don’t need us:
Although we love working with our patients, our goal is to quickly return them to their normal lifestyle. If you no longer need PT, we are happy.

So if you want hike to Gold Run Pass, call us and we’ll help you make it happen.

Gold Run Pass

Gold Run Pass towards Yellow Aster Butte– 6 months post partum

We always want you to return to your previous level of activity. If you were inactive before your injury, lets move past that and find the ideal level of activity for you. Some people need to run a marathon and some need to sprint for the last TV on Black Friday. Find your purpose and we’ll help you achieve it.

We all need to learn to set aside time for ourselves and everyone lives in the same 24/7. What changes are you willing to make to keep you from compromising your purpose? It is impossible to help others when you can no longer help yourself. Caring for family members or or just doing your job can create fatigue, closely followed by burn out, both physically and mentally. We can help you learn to focus on yourself so that in the future you can focus on others.